Please, Pick Up the Doo-Doo

The Mooshies witnessing a doggie doo-doo incident.

The Mooshies witnessing a doggie doo-doo incident.

People who do not pick up their dog’s doo-doo, we’re watching you. We see you. And, if we knew how to operate our mommy’s camera, we’d take pictures of you to send to our condo association board. So, what’s behind this rude behavior? Laziness? Disrespect for other people’s property? Lack of social skills? Bad habit? Perhaps they need to talk to a psychologist.

We like dogs. They can’t help themselves if they do not know how to use a litter box. They’re like human babies. They have to rely on adult humans for support and help. And most dog owners we observe in our neighborhood are very responsible and nice people. It’s those selfish doggie owners who are inconsiderate to the residents in our neighborhood by leaving their dogs’ business on other people’s lawn. Shame on you!

Cats are into cleanliness, except when we like to splash our water bowl all over the floor. Hey, wait, that’s water which is used for cleaning. So, we take that back. Cats are very clean. Bottom line, we don’t like it when we’re playing outside and encounter dog doo-doo. It ruins our play time outside and upsets our mommy. If any doggie owners read this, can you tell us why some people don’t pick up the dog doo-doo?


2 Responses to Please, Pick Up the Doo-Doo

  1. Lynn says:

    I have a dog and pick up after him. It annoys me to watch dog owners just walk away. If I am really in one of those moods, I hand them a bag and ask very politely to pick up after their dogs. They are embarrassed, as well they should be. It also annoys me to see dogs without leashes which seems to be going on a lot where I live. I watched a dog almost get hit the other night because he ran across the street after another dog. What’s wrong with people?

    • Whitey & Marcella says:

      Yay! A comment. Thank you, Lynn for responding to our blog on dogs. You’re a very good and responsible dog mommy. We feel sad for dogs with irresponsible human parents, like the ones who do not use leashes and put their dogs at harm’s risk. Say hi to your dog Kobi.

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