Real Housewives’ Pets

Well, that was a fast six-week season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. We had not planned to watch it. We thought Atlanta and New York Housewives were enough.  But, we got sucked into the whole NJ show. How can you not watch Teresa? We were intrigued by her excessive shopping sprees for opulent furnishings with tassles. We love tassles. Lots of stringy things for cats to chew.  But her kids were too loud. They could give us noise phobia. (See our article on fireworks.)

That Danielle was really stupid. And, where does she get all her money? We thought her ex-husband still owed her a settlement. What was she thinking dating that mug, Steve? We feel sorry for her daughters. Good thing they have a dog. Pets are comforting and nurturing.  But, maybe those girls could also use a cat.

Caroline’s dog was very scary – and so was Caroline. Jacquie was too soft on her daughter and Danielle. We think she needs a stronger back bone.

Our favorite parts of the show were the episodes showing Dina’s cat. Only, we did not like the scene where Lexie dressed up the cat in a costume. We really felt sorry for the cat because we don’t like getting dressed up in human clothes. (We hope our Mommy reads this so she knows not to put us in costumes for Halloween or elf hats for Christmas.)

The best sound bite was from Teresa – “my husband is juicy and delicious.” She was definitely our favorite Housewife.

We think Bravo should do a Real Housewives series with both the NJ and NY ladies – better yet, a show about the Housewives’ pets.


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