Helping Humans Manage Job Stress

These days, so many humans are walking around stressed, anxious over work, worried about job loss, or benefit cuts.  How will they take care of their cats if they get laid off? This is very serious. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which tracks human job and employment data recently released June 2009 unemployment figures. Almost half a million jobs were cut last month. The United States unemployment rate is over nine percent now. Just imagine how many of those people are pet owners. That’s a lot of cat and dog owners in unemployment lines. Yikes!  And, according to recent cable TV news, some people who have lost their jobs and even homes, are abandoning their pets. They can no longer afford to take care of their cats and dogs.

We feel so fortunate that our mommy has her job. However, we do notice that she sometimes stresses over work. So, we find ways to help her manage stress and relax. We want to share some tips on how cats can help people alleviate stress and be a comfort to their human parents.

  • Remember, as a cat, your automatically adorable and very appealing. Just the sight of you is a great comfort to almost any human. 
  • Do your usual cutesy things that melt your owner’s heart, like making sweet faces or striking funny poses.
  • Curl up next to your human parent when they’re watching TV or reading. Just sitting next to them helps them calm down and relax.
  • Sit on your human parent’s lap so he/she can massage you. Petting a cat is a very calming activity for humans. It takes the focus off them and places all attention on the kitty. So, it’s a win-win situation for human and cat.
  • Cry. Pretend that something is wrong or you’re sad or upset. That way, your owner will pay attention to you, will try to make you happy and forget about all their job worries.
  • Try talking to your human parent. Sometimes, they just need some solid feline advice about life or to hear meows of encouragement and appreciation.
  • Listen. Sometimes humans just need to talk. What they say may not make sense. But, perking up your ears and listening to their gibberish can be helpful. Usually they’ll be so grateful, you might get a treat.

Now, if your human parent does not show any signs of improvement and continues to be stressed, anxious or downright crazy, you may need to consult with a professional. We recommend the following resources: The Joke Doctor or watching Mel Brook’s movie History of the World Part I.

Hey, did you really expect some serious referrals? We’re cats.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Much needed advice.

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