Another Weekend Passes Quickly

You might be wondering why we haven’t written for a week. Well, frankly, it’s our mommy’s fault. Sometimes she goes thru these phases where she does not want to turn on the computer. We suppose that can be a good thing since she uses a computer at work.  We don’t want her to suffer from computeritis. But, this is not good for our writing career.

The Mooshie Lounge

The Mooshie Lounge - Brainstorming blog ideas & dreaming of food reviews.


We’ve been laying around all week thinking of things to write, like food reviews on tuna and Science Diet dry food for hairball control. And, we had so much to report on neighborhood happenings. The phones were out for two days. Verizon finally showed up to fix everything. They had to work through the rain storm on Thursday night. Dogs and birds were panting from the heat. We had panic attacks over thunder storms. And, the fire department showed up across the street from our home on Friday morning. We don’t know why. We just saw big red trucks and people with funny coats climbing up a ladder to the bank in our neighborhood. All the people in the coffee shop next to the bank just sat and stared while sipping their triple-delicious-extra-mocha-high-caloric-pricey-cappucino. Lots of dogs and humans were outside walking and running and moving on those funny things with wheels called bikes. It was too hot to go outside this weekend,  especially for Whitey Mooshie who has sensitive skin. So, we hung out in the air conditioned condo. We found a bug. Attacked it. We jumped around in the bath tub,  took naps in all of our favorite spots and tipped the water bowl a few times. And, we watched a movie which was better than listening to Sarah Palin’s farewell speech. So, now it’s late and the human wants to go to sleep. We really need to get her on our schedule.


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