Twitter Pawpawty: Tie-dye Gone Bad

Catnip hangover from Twitter Pawpawty

Catnip hangover from Twitter Pawpawty

How many of you groovey felines and canines went to Twitter’s pawpawty last Friday? Well we did, and man, was it crazy. That Twitter pawpawty made Ang Lee’s movie Woodstock look like a church picnic. It was supposed to be an innocent celebration of dogs and cats getting into the groove of free love, peace and happiness in honor of the premiere of the Woodstock movie. What started as a tie-dye feast for animals, turned into a furfest of cats and dogs overdosed on catnip. Yes, you read it correctly. Dogs were also inhaling catnip. It was tie-dye gone bad.

Whitey Passes Out at Twitter Pawpawty

Whitey Passes Out at Twitter Pawpawty

Somewhere, there’s a white bichon walking around with a blue and pink striped rear end. That poor bichon just didn’t see that Mainecoon and two bulldogs coming at him with the hose and dye.

We have to admit, the Mooshies got a little wild too. We couldn’t help ourselves. It’s not often we get to celebrate a huge movie opening like Woodstock. The weekend was a bust. We spent most of it recovering. And, we lost our tie-dye shirt. Good thing Woodstock doesn’t happen every year.


2 Responses to Twitter Pawpawty: Tie-dye Gone Bad

  1. Jeanette Johnson says:

    This was too cute. The next time I see a cat and a dog are near by I will think of Wood Stock for animals. (That is too cute) I promise I will never ever see Tie-Die the same. Thanks for sharing a fun time the cats had with those of us who love the animal but are allergic. So yes I live vicariously through cat and dog lovers stories/adventures!

  2. Lucilio says:

    Can Twitter really Save The Earth?

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