Cat Poetry

Whitey at work.

Whitey at work.

Well, we’ve been thinking about what to write for our blog. It occurred to us that we have not yet explored poetry. What kind of poem could a couple of cute cats like us craft? We considered Haiku but found it was a very limiting poetic genre. Then we thought, why do we have to mold our poetry into some human poetic criteria. We’re The Mooshies – free-spirited, creative and imaginative felines. Why not express ourselves in cat poetry. So, here it is. Our first poem. It’s simple, yet captures the vast array of felines around the world. We hope you like it.

Cats by The Mooshies

Cats, cats, cats. Purple cats, black cats, pink cats, furry cats. Fluffy, puffy, muffy cats. Pretty cats, cool cats, small cats. Fight cats, bad cats, mean cats. Calm cats, lazy cats, good cats, sometimes ratty cats. Fat cats. Heavy cats. Skinny cats.

Marcella working on the first Mooshie poem.

Marcella working on the first Mooshie poem.

Diabetic cats. Healthy cats. Show cats. Purry cats, lovely cats, brainy cats. Monster cats. Dancing cats, rugala cats, karate cats, batty cats. Harry Potter cats, condo cats, house cats, grassy cats. Manly cats. Girlie cats. Booty cats. Buck-stops-here-cats. Harlem cats, roving cats, New York cats, L.A. cats. Apple cats, patty cats, no-nonsense cats. Baby cats. Hungry cats, Google cats, horny cats. Piano cats. History cats. Museum cats. Mall cats, political cats. Cheesy cats. Fishy cats. Artistic cats. Chinese, Indian, Russian cats. Euro cats. Hispanic cats. North American cats. Arctic cats. Groovey cats. Swinging cats. Musical cats. Homey cats. We’re all great cats!


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