Happy Halloween

We’re so excited about Halloween. This year we’re dressing up and planning to spook everyone in our neighborhood. Hee, hee. Seriously, we’d like to tell all the kiddies out there to enjoy themselves and be safe. Make sure you stick with

Devil Marcella

Marcella practicing her devilish expression.

your parents or a trusted adult when trick o’ treating. And, don’t eat all your treats as soon as you get home. We recommend a sorting and storage process. First, assess all your treats. Identify all the good treats and push the yucky candies onto somebody else. Second, split the good candies into smaller individual piles and place in little platic baggies. Third, store most of the little candy baggies into a fridge to keep them fresh. This way you’ll have treats for several weeks or longer. Plus, it’s not good to binge on all that sugar in a few days. You could get tummy aches and bad headaches from eating too

Whitey as Witch

Witchy Whitey

much sugar. And you’re parents will worry about you developing cavaties in your teeth. Believe us, you don’t want to go to the dentist to be treated for cavities. That’s scarier than Halloween! Have a good time trick or treating. And, have a Mooshie Halloween.

Devil on Scratch Post

Little devil sharpening her claws.

witch's broom

Whitey searching for her witch's broom.


Brooding witch.


This Devil doesn't wear Prada.


One Response to Happy Halloween

  1. Your Halloween costumes are very spooky! I hope you found your broom… 😉

    Thanks for stopping by the Cute!

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