Cats and H1N1

Given the recent news on the Iowa cat diagnosed with H1N1, we thought it important to address the issue. First, we’re very sorry for our fellow feline and his family and wish them a speedy recovery. Now, we’re sure many cat owners are concerned about their kitties possibly contracting H1N1. It’s important to get the facts and put things into purrspective…ha, ha…don’t you like that, purrspective.

Okay, no more meowaughing. Get it – meow and laughing? Ha, ha. Enough. Human is giving us dirty looks. Let’s get back to our topic.

Three people in the Iowa family had H1N1. They started to notice symptoms in their cat – not eating, lethargic, stopped watching squirrels (that’s a BIG symptom). This Iowa case shows that it’s possible for humans to transmit H1N1 to cats.

So, what can cats do to protect themselves from catching H1N1 from their human family? Don’t let them touch you unless they have washed their hands. Good human hygiene is key. Make sure the humans use soap and hot water and wash their hands often. If any humans in your home get H1N1, The Mooshies suggest kitties be careful and keep a distance from the ill people. Let the healthy people in the house pet you.

Now, we understand, cats have special qualities to help humans feel better when they’re sick. We have a tough job being “nurturer in chief”. But, we also deserve to be healthy. It’s okay to take care of yourself first. Healthy kitties will be better able to care for their humans.

Following are some resources with good information on cats and H1N1. Make sure your human family reads this stuff. Did you really expect us to write a long piece on H1N1? We’re cats, not health reporters.

Janet’s Veterinary Medicine Blog by Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM

American Veterinary Medical Association

Centers for Disease Control

Colorado State University

Worms & Germs Blog: Promoting Safe Pet Ownership


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