Decorating Tips for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when people haul out all sorts of glittery trinkets and ornamental displays to decorate for Christmas. We love the holidays and believe cats play a special role in helping humans celebrate Christmas. So, we’ve decided to provide some tips for holiday decorating.

  • Do not attempt to decorate us. Dressing up your cat as an elf or deer is not appreciated. We’re not a Barbie doll or little human baby. (Hope our human mommy reads this. She humiliated us at Halloween.)
  • Please get a real, live tree. We love the scent of pine. It’s fun for us to sniff the tree and pull the branches.
  • Just get a tree, whether it’s real or fake. Cats enjoy playing with the dangling ornaments, hiding under the tree and climbing it. This is very entertaining for us.
  • Think twice before getting a Poinsettia plant. As pretty as they are, this is a dangerous plant for cats because it’s poisonous. You know how much we love to chew on plants. So, if you bring a Poinsettia into the house, we’re going to try to eat it. Why give yourself an anxiety attack. Skip the poinsettia and you’ll save money both from not buying one and from not having to take us to the vet to be treated for poison.
  • Give us our own stockings and stuff them with treats. All pets should have their own special holiday stocking, including dogs.
  • Tinsel is good. We like to watch it shimmer and glisten and chew on it.
  • Feature us in your holiday cards. Cats tend to be the cutest members of the family. So why not send holiday greetings that will warm hearts and make people sigh with pleasure.

Have a Mooshie Christmas!


3 Responses to Decorating Tips for the Holidays

  1. Sala Frontessa says:

    Well HellohatEhat a lovely blog of cat shifted entertainment! I enjoyed much of it. I also talk in first person as a cat. Please give us sparkly tinsel and when you pick through our turdbox you will find a glimmer of hope in some of our presents to you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Whitey & Marcella says:

    Tanks u very much for your comment.

  3. Max the Cat says:

    Me likes mousies and birdies…real onez, ya know? I got big muscles that need all the protein I can get and I constantly bugs me mum for more! No time for froo froo tinsel and other indoor stuff!

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