Remember Your Cats on Christmas!

The Mooshies wrapping Christmas gifts.

So, are you one of those people who puts your cat last on the holiday gift list? Tisk, tisk. Well, the Mooshies are here to make your last minute shopping spree easier. We reviewed all the toy options for cats and recommend the following gift ideas.

Let’s start with our number one favorite toy, the Petlinks System Fun Beam, also known as a laser chase. These come in all sorts of shapes and forms. We recently tested the Fun Beam which comes in a mouse shape.  This can be found in red or green at PetSmart in the cat holiday section as well as PETCO. This is fun for both humans and cats. Good exercise for cats. Doesn’t require much effort on human’s part. People only have to press a finger on the lighter switch and move it around the room while the cat chases the tiny light.

The Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Cat Toy is another top gift choice.  According to, this battery operated, motorized toy flings a string in and out for your kitty’s non-stop amusement. This award-winning cat toy won Cat Fancy magazine’s editor’s choice award and Best New Product at the Global Pet Expo!

Cat ‘N’ Mouse Cat Powered Cat Toy offers hours of fun for cats. Felines can chase a battery operated mouse round ‘n’ round. Makes us so dizzy we need extra naps to recuperate.

Teaser wands are also popular with felines. They come in all sorts of shapes and textures. PetSmart offers a PetHoliday Spiral Teaser for this Christmas. Cats enjoy jumping up to catch the object at the end of the wand. We also like to drag it around the house and chew on it.

Marcella Mooshie looking for scotch tape.

The PETCO Leopard Cat Tunnel is a fun choice. Gives your cat a place to crawl, hide and a window to peep out. Also makes crinkly noise sounds.

For the practical gift giver, a new scratching post is a good gift option. This is very popular with humans. Petlinks System has a lovely Dream Curl Curved Scratcher, that can go in any room in the house. Your kitty will love lounging on this sloping curve scratcher.

Whitey Mooshie putting on her elf costume.

In addition to all those gifts for under the tree, remember your cat’s Christmas stocking. Good stocking stuffers include Catnip balls which are fun to chase and sniff. Another good way for cats to get some physical activity and zone out. Believe it or not, cats like gift cards to the pet store. Just think how much fun they will have at the after holiday sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Get off the computer and rush to the pet store before it closes. Time is running out!

Happy Mooshie Holidays.


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  1. HOOTe CAT says:

    great blog! very informative… subscribed today. congrats on your award! please check out my recent win…

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