Why Lift a Paw When Humans Have Two Hands?

Mooshies napping Memorial Day weekend.

Well, April and May came and went pretty quickly. Not once did the human let us blog. Tisk, tisk. We are meowing like crazy to go outside. The weather is perfect and the grass looks yummy. But, the human is “too tired”.  She is exhausted from cleaning our litter, washing the windows, doing the laundry, yoga classes, art classes, drinking her wine….yada, yada, yada. We did our part in helping her with the household chores…we napped. We could have wreaked havoc while she was on the stepping stool washing windows.  It was tempting to knock over the Windex and play with the paper towels. Instead, we stayed out of her way so she could get things done. Besides, she was doing a good job on her own. Why lift a paw when she has two hands?


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