Interview with Gabby the Cat

Gabby the Cat on her favorite couch.

Since we were stuck inside Memorial Day weekend, we got creative and decided to conduct a phone interview with a feline relative in New England named Gabby. Our human grandmother is her mommy. So, we guess that makes her our feline aunt. Anyway, New England has a different climate from Washington, DC. It’s usually cooler and less humid than the Mid-Atlantic area. Gabby lives in a big house with a nice yard and swimming pool. If only the Mooshies had a yard with a pool. Just think of all the fun we could have.

Mooshies:  Hello Gabby! Meow Monday to you.  How’s the weather in your part of the world this holiday weekend?

Gabby:  Weather is meowrific! I love this time of year because I hang out in the porch and watch all the birds and squirrels.

Mooshies:  What’s a porch?

Gabby:  A porch is sort of an indoor/outdoor room with lots of big windows. You can see outside to different parts of the yard. It’s very entertaining, especially when the humans are doing silly things in the yard like sweeping the patio, mowing the lawn or raking the leaves in fall.

Mooshies:  That sounds nice. Wish we had a porch. So, do you go outside every day?

Gabby:  I never go outside. The humans don’t trust me. They’re overly protective. That’s why they let me hang out in the porch.

Flowers in Gabby the Cat's yard.

Mooshies: YOU DON’T GO OUTSIDE!!!! You poor deprived, cat.  How sad for you.

Gabby:  I resigned myself to the fact a long time ago that I’m an indoor cat, living in my fantasies of trolloping outside, climbing trees, chasing birds and squirrels.

Mooshies:  Since you’re an indoor cat, tell us what you like to do inside your house.

Gabby:  Sit on sofa. Move to kitchen chair. Watch human cook. Besides the porch, my two favorite rooms are the kitchen and family room. I like the smell of human food, especially tomato sauce.

Mooshies:  Anything you dislike?

Gabby:  The vet! I haven’t been to the vet in years. The vet has to come to my house because I’m stubborn and refuse to let humans put me in the kitty carrier. The vet and my human parents chase me around the house to pick me up so the vet can examine me.

Mooshies:  Wow! We should try that so we can avoid the vet. So, how do you like being the only cat in your house? Do you sometimes wish for a playmate?

Gabby:  Playmate? Why? I rule this place. It’s my palace and I’m the queen. I’m not sharing my throne with any other cat!

So, that’s our Memorial Day interview with our feline aunt Gabby in New England. In honor of this holiday, we’re sending lots of Mooshie love, many thanks and good wishes to all the U.S. soldiers and their families.  If you are on Twitter, be sure to send #Purrs4Peace every Sunday at 3pm ET. Our purrs are heard around the world and help all the good soldiers as well as all humans and animals in distress! Thank you to the feline humanitarian @ConfuciusCat who founded #Purrs4Peace.


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