Happy Independence Day 2010

We want to wish all our anipals and human friends a very Happy July 4th. This is a fun holiday for many Americans. Lots of yummy barbecues, parties and fun outings. It can also be a stressful time for pets. As we wrote in our 2009 July 4 blog, fireworks are scary for pets. So, please humans, be considerate to your furry family members (we’re not talking about men with hairy backs). Make sure your cats and dogs are in a safe place if you are planning to shoot off noisy things or take the entire family out to watch fireworks. And, make sure your pets are in a cool place so they don’t suffer from heat exhaustion. We wrote about cats and hot summer weather last year as well. Have a super holiday. Sending you lots of Mooshie love. Now we’re going to go crash a few cookouts.


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