Mooshie Fettish

Whitey Mooshie chomping on a cream colored sling back.

This weekend Mommie is organizing some of the closets. We love the closet with all the clothes. And White Mooshie enjoys playing with all the shoes. She has a bit of a shoe fettish, particularly with sling back shoes. She likes to gnaw on the sling part and rub her face against it. Sometimes she pick up the shoe with her teeth and drags them around the house and hides them. It’s not a good day when Mommie can’t find her shoes for work. That’s when we hide behind the couch.

Marcella Mooshie has a fettish with the water bowl. She’s very talented at tipping it over and making a big puddle. And she likes to slap her paw in the water and make splashy noises. This does not go over well with Mommie. She recently switched our plastic bowls which were easy to flip for gigantic glass dog bowls. It’s difficult to flip the dog bowl. However, Marcella Mooshie can still splish n’ splash. Hee, hee.

So, we want to hear from our anipals. What’s your fettish?


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