New Cat Memoir Captures Anipal Hearts

We’re so excited for writer Lou Belcher and @MaxtheQuiltCat who just released the memoir, The Zen of Max.  There’s been a lot of buzz over the book this week, particularly among anipals on Twitter. @Maxthequiltcat hosted a brilliant four day online book launch with great prizes. Be sure to check out his blog, to see who won. Our Mommie just bought us a copy and we lookin’ forward to reading it. And, many thanks to @MaxtheQuiltCat and all his cat blogger friends who have inspired us to get off the couch and write again for our own blog. Pawhugs and purrs to Lou and @MaxtheQuiltCat.


One Response to New Cat Memoir Captures Anipal Hearts

  1. What a nice surprise to get up this morning and see this post on Google Alerts… Thanks so much for the purrrs… Right back atcha.


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