Catnip Island Rocks All Night Long

Guests Celebrate @ShaynaCat and @Kingtuttifruiti Nuptials Into Morning Hours

@ShaynaCat and @Kingtuttifruiti enjoying their first dance as husband and wife.

Sunday, June 26, 2011, Catnip Island – It was the feline wedding of the year. A romantic ceremony at a luxury Caribbean resort followed by a plush reception, guests attending the wedding of @ShaynaCat and @Kingtuttifruiti partied into the wee hours of the morning. The bride and groom kicked off a long night of dancing and celebrating. Drinks were flowing all night long as #Nipclub mixologists served up tropical catinis and pink champagne.  Guests dined on gastronomical delights like mango tuna, burgers with nip sauce, shrimp and pastas. And the sweetest dessert table offered delectable pastries, catnip brownies and catpuccinos.

The wedding party was in top form with groomsmen @Mariodacat, @Mickeyshorttail , @Petiethecat and @TheNascarKitty taking over the dance floor and demonstrating how the feline hustle is really done.  Bridesmaids @DuchessCrabtree, @Keely_Bobs,
@LilyLuWhoT  and @Pandafur looked stunning in their pink couture gowns. And, rumors were rampant about a number of suitors seeking the paw of maid of honor @TinyPearlCat.

Rockin' wedding reception.

The wedding festivities took up half of Catnip Island. Tight security measures prevented spectators from accessing the resort. No word yet on who designed the bride’s dress or the cost of the lavish event. We’re betting it cost catillions of dollars.

All photos courtesy of @ShaynaCat and @Kingtuttifruiti. Additional wedding images available at


One Response to Catnip Island Rocks All Night Long

  1. Pandafur says:

    Your wedding coverije iz wonderfur, it wuz teh wedding of teh year an such an honor to be in teh wedding pawty

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