Young Love: Feline Teens To Secretly Marry?

@Charlie_ABSL, quite the stud muffin

The lovely @CIndersRkitty









Rumors are flying all over the Twittersphere that one year olds @Charlie_ABSL and @CIndersRkitty are planning to elope. Exact location of the secret nuptials is not yet known. The pair has not been spotted together recently. Some cats speculate they are purposely keeping a distance so as not to attract any press attention. Photos of wedding rings rumored to be intended for @Charlie_ABSL and @CInderRkitty have been circulating on the Internet. If these furriends are indeed planning to wed, is it a bit premature given their young, tender age? What do their families say? We are asking all worthy pawpawazzi for leads on the young couple’s wedding plans and any reaction from their families.


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