Old Town Cat Lost Then Found

Gigi AKA Cleopatra when she was discovered by nice cat angel Kathi.

It was quite an adventure for a cat and a stressful time for her hoomin’ mama. Gigi the cat had been missing from her home  in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia  for weeks. Her mama had no idea where she went.

Several blocks away, some nice ladies discovered a cat hiding in da’ bushes in their front yards. The ladies, being good cat lovers, immediately took it upon themselves to help the lost kitty. One lady, Kathi,  called the kitty Cleopatra and took her to a vet for examination. Word spread about the lost cat. All the area cat lovers joined in support, offering to help pay for vet fees and helping to find a foster home. And, the nice vet doctor lady, Dr. Marsico, provided free room and board for the cat.

It was a rough week as everyone waited for Cleopatra’s test results. The doctor was concerned that she had some serious illness.

Then a most miraculous thing happened. Kathi, the wonderful cat Angel who helped care for Cleopatra, showed her photo to a cat mama who said her kitty had been missing for a long time. The cat mama got excited and said it looked a little like her Gigi. Off she went to the vet to see the lost cat. And all Cats-be-to-Glory, it was indeed her Gigi!

Following is an email thank you note from Gigi’s mama.

Dear all-

What a great community Gigi and I tripped into. The kitty you all took such great care of is safe and sound at
home. It was a long and complicated journey.

a. The picture Kathi took and showed to me – I knew immediately iwas Gigi.

b. Talking to the vet the next day she said Cleopatra AKA Gigi to me was a much younger cat, had not been spaded, and had no marks on her – no operation scars on her abdomen. Gigi had been operated on for mammary cancer and has had one entire side of glands removed. So I was sent home having seen a Xerox copy of my Gigi. The report were dire and a tad confusing but I did not give up hope.

c. I went to see Dr. Marsico this morning with all Gigi’s medical records. In the meantime Dr. Marsico had shaved
her belly had seen both scars and knew she had extensive surgery. Cleopatra was Gigi no doubt. She has liver problems due to no food for who knows how long but is in remission and being medicated. One of the reasons Dr. Marsico thought Gigi was younger was her teeth. I have kept her teeth clean and they appeared as a much younger kitty not my six+ year old. As the saying goes no good deed goes unpunished.

d. She is upset stairs in a lovely, quiet room, is eating, drinking, and sleeping. She did not flinch when the doggies welcomed her home.

e. She was 13 pounds before taking off on her journey and is now 8#. She gets all the food, love, goodies, and quiet that she needs. She has an appt. to see the good Dr. Marsico next Tuesday and I am switching all my kitties plus Poodle to Dr. Marsico with Dr. Blacker’s retirement but not until then. Well, all but the Skye Terrier and no one wantsall his complications.

f. My heart is filled to over flowing. With quiet and care Gigi should recover nicely. We are having chats about not taking walks with or without myself and the dogs but am not exactly sure what she is hearing.

We luvs happy endings. Pawhug and purrs to Gigi and her mama.


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