Count Down to Second Annual #CarniePawty, Summer’s Rockin’ Hot Event

Get ready for the biggest event of Summer 2011. #CarniePawty, scheduled for July 15 and 16 is expected to be bigger and better than last year’s event. For starters, CarniePawty now has its own Park. And there will be lots of new entertainment as well as exhibits, rides and activities. A fun addition will be the DJs. We recently caught up with #CarniePawty organizer and founder @BadAndy_KityKat and asked what dis year’s pawty-goers can expect.

@TheMooshies:  How many games/rides will dere be?

@BadAndy_KityKat: Oh boy! Too many to count! More than triple the amount of rides! New games & new activities! Will blow your mind!

@TheMooshies:  What foods will be served?

@BadAndy_KityKat: The best tastin’ Carnie food around! Lots of new menu items & goodies that go on and on and on! You’ll have to come & see!

@TheMooshies:  Will there be a cookin’ demo?

@BadAndy_KityKat:  That I can’t confirm yet. There has been talk, but the potential guest chef is very busy. We hope, but can’t confirm.

@ThMooshies:  What kind of new entertainment?

@BadAndy_KityKat:  I don’t want to spoil the surprises so you’ll have to come to the #CarniePawty and see!

@BadAndy_KityCat, #CarniePawty founder and organizer

@TheMooshies:  How many attended last year’s #CarniePawty?

@BadAndy_KityKat:  That’s hard to say, I never got a count. I had hoped that all that came would have signed the Carnie guestbook, but many anipals didn’t sign in 😦 Of those that did sign it, there were 88. Hopefully this year the count will go up!

@TheMooshies:  How many guests are you expectin’  this year?

@BadAndy_KityKat:   Always optimistic – I hope that everyone that has seen the invitation or even just heard about it will come! So, I’d like to see the number of attendees top 100 🙂

@TheMooshies:  Free Admission?

@BadAndy_KityKat: NO! The admission this year = sign the guestbook! 🙂

@TheMooshies: Dere a rumor dat some rides have problems? Is dat true?

@BadAndy_KityKat: Nah, just needed greasing, a good cleaning and some paint here and there. I’m working real hard at getting it all BadAndy_KityKat up to tip-top safety codes, & I assure you that everything will be 100% safe and ready to go!

@TheMooshies:  What time does #CarniePawty start?

@BadAndy_KityKat:  Carnie Park opens Fri. July 15th, 5pm PDT. A time zone converter is linked to the invitation on my blog.

@TheMooshies:  Anything to add?

@BadAndy_KityKat:  Yah, it’s going to be a BLAST – don’t miss it! Oh, and it’s just a pawty, NOT a fund raiser, so you can come, play & relax because we don’t have to reach any goals but just having FUN! Thank you! Everyone’s invited! Oh yah, it’s a 24 hour pawty! So hopefully everyone can find some time to join us!

Well, anipals, yoo read it straight from the cat’s paw.  #CarniePawty is sure to be DA PLACE to be this coming weekend. Be sure to check out the website, and sign the guest book. And, pawty-on.


2 Responses to Count Down to Second Annual #CarniePawty, Summer’s Rockin’ Hot Event

  1. I had so much fun last year at Andy’s #CarniePawty, I hope he has a HUGE turnout. I’m so excited!!

  2. Pandafur says:

    It’s gonna be so much funs! BadAndy iz da amayzing! #CarniePawty

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