Lucky & Mia Marry

Saturday, September 10, 2011 — Good fortune was in the air today as the skies cleared and the sun broke through to shine upon Lucky (@JaniceRand_) and Mia (@miabellaravioli) as they exchanged wedding vows earlier this evening. It was a small, intimate affair with 36 anipals. The ceremony was led by @Rosiedafish who eloquently delivered a love poem for the special couple.

Mia in her wedding gown.

The bride looked stunning in her wedding gown and the groom was quite handsome (and a bit nervous). Guests were encouraged to dress casually so they would be comfortable pawtying.

The dinner menu was surf n turf, abundant wif juicy meets and yummy fish. Of course, there was an open bar. And, there was so much fun pawtying and dancing. It was truly a beautiful wedding on a pretty late summer evening.

A Lucky groom!

It’s not confirmed where the newlyweds will honeymoon. According to rumors at the reception, the couple would be spending their wedding night camping in a humongous and fancy tent.


One Response to Lucky & Mia Marry

  1. Dazeecat says:

    Yes they were a lovely couple and such a beautiful poem for the ceremony ! I felt privileged to be part of it!

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