Cool Cats in Peru

Lima Black Cat at Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Our hoomin mum recently traveled to the country Peru. She told us dat she met some very nice kittehs. We luv to hear about cats around da world. First she met some cats at Kennedy Park in an area of Lima called Miraflores. These cats were romping around da park, hiding among da flowers, people watching. Mum said the Lima cats were friendly and let her take their picture.

Rumichaka cat wif mum's friend, Julianna.

Mum also met a lil’ kitteh in Rumichaka, Peru that is almost 90 minutes from Cuzco, Peru. Da Rumichaka cat was very young and lives an adventurous life in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Mum’s travel friends gave the kitteh some milk and cuddled her and gave her nice rubs.

We hopes da Peruvian cats are doin’ okay. And, we happy mum back home so she can snuggle and cuddle wif us! Check out some more pictures of Peruvian kittehs.

Lima grey cat.

Cat gets milk


One Response to Cool Cats in Peru

  1. Pandafur says:

    That’s so nice your mom made furrends wiv da kittehs in Peru. Thanks you fur sharing teh pikchures an storee *purrr*

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