Petie the Cat

Iz been a sad week. We lost a most pawsum kitteh on March 25. Petie the Cat went Over The Rainbow Bridge late that night.

We always looked for Petie efurry mornin’ while havin’ breakfurst wif our mum. Petie was always one of the first to tweet good mornin and ask all da anipals how dey doin. Iz been hard every mornin. We miss him.

Petie meants SOOOO muches to many of anipals n hoomins around da world. Really, around da whole wide world. He touched many furry n hairless lives. And, he was a special boy to his mum n dad.

Photo credit: Skeetie Bug (@skeeterthetabby)

To honor n remember Petie, the pawtastic organizers of NipClub are payin tribute to Petie tonight. We feel so privileges to participate in dis very special Nipclub and look forward to seeing all our pals n toasting Petie. And, we know that Angel Petie is lookin down from heaven and watchin over all us anipals n hoomins around da world and sending us his loving purrs.

Petie, we miss yoo.


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