Smokey Purring Cat: A Purry Tale

Smokey Purring Cat (photo credit: Smokey Twitter Page)

Smokey Purring Cat (photo credit: Smokey Twitter Page)

Who is da loudest kitteh in da world? Smokey da purring cat of course! You hazn’t heard of Smokey? Well, she purrty famous in England where she lives. And, now she becomin’ famous around da world. Smokey haz been featured in lots of news stories in da U.K. and even da United States. We learned about her while watchin’ da Animal Planet on U.S. television. We were so impressed by her, we found her on Twitter n started followin’ Smokey. Now we pals wif her and want to share her pawtastic story. Check out da followin’ stories about Smokey. And follow her on Twitter, @PurringSmokey

British Shorthair Makes Bid for Guinness Book of World Records’ Noisiest Cat, Aminal Planet website

U.K. Cat Makes Loudest Purr Attempt, Discovery News website

Cat Lovers: Can Your Pet Purr Louder Than Smokey? National Public Radio (NPR)


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