Cat Ages: Eight Is New Four

The Mooshie Sisfurs: Forever young looking.

We recently went to the vet for our annual check up. While Mum was paying da VERY expensive bill, da receptionist said to her, “they had a senior over 40 exam.”

WHAT? Senior over 40 exam?! Hey lady, you saying we’re old? We protest!

Just like hoomans, we kittehs are living longer and enjoy a better quality of life compared to our ancestors. Hoomans believe dat 40 is da new 30 for them. Well, we may be eight years old (48 in hooman years), but we have lots of energy, good health and sharp minds. We believe that for cats, eight is the new four  (32 in hooman years).

So, to all our kitteh pals out there, remember yoo really younger than what da hoomans say.


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