Jesters: New Comedy Club for Anipals Opens on Twitter

@EddieBabyCat, founder of #Jesters.

For our hoomans, the word jester conjures up images of medieval times, a funny person who served as the comedienne or clown of royal courts. And, back in the middle ages cats were considered evil, often associated with the devil. Our canine friends received more respect than felines.

Fortunately, times have changed. Cats are cherished and loved by millions around the world today.  We’re good pals with dogs. We are recognized for our intelligence and intuitiveness. And now, cats and dogs are showing their entrepreneurial side and sense of humor.

Introducing Jesters a new comedy club on Twitter founded by Eddie Baby Cat (@EddieBabyCat), featuring animal comedians, funny poems and stories as well as skits, jokes, games and hilarious dance contests. The club name Jesters (use #jesters on Twitter) was the idea of @PepperPom who is Creative Director in charge of the Jester club avis. Pepper also created the Jester hats. Eddie’s girlfriend @claudia53 is Promotion Director.

@PepperPom, Creative Director of #Jesters

According to Eddie’s HuMum, Eddiebabycat is very mischievious with a sense of humor. When Eddie first started on Twitter it took a while for anipals to grasp his sense of humor. Not all animals wanted to follow Eddiebabycat because his humor can be a bit too much. But now, Eddie has over 3000 followers that loves to zoom and joke with him.

“I loves to zoom and joke in my island home, so I thought, why not on Twitter,” says Eddie Baby Cat. “Why not call my friends zooomies?”

The animals on Twitter did not have a Comedy Club so Eddie decided to start one and invite all da mischievous kitties and doggies with a sense of humor to join. Now animals have a club to enjoy Eddie’s wit and express their own sense of humor. The club will be a fun comfortable place to laugh and play.

@Claudia53, known as Duchess of Bramley, Jesters’ Promotion Director.

“Right now we are collecting members,” says Eddie Baby Cat. “We are still in the beginning stages of planning as we need volunteers to DJ for dance pawty, photographers to cover da pawties, and a chef to create a menu and cook up the noms.”

Eddie Baby Cat says, “I believes that laughter is good for an animal’s soul.”

We agree wif Eddie. Anyone can join Jesters. Just tweet @Eddiebabycat to get a club identification number. Ask @PepperPom to create your Jester hat. And remember to use #Jesters.


3 Responses to Jesters: New Comedy Club for Anipals Opens on Twitter

  1. duchess brsmley says:

    Absolutely pawsome thsnk you psl gor such sn amaxing blog xxxx

  2. LilyLuWhoT says:

    #Jesters is a pawsome idea! Thanks to all involved for giving anipals a fun place to go! ((HUGS)) OxO

  3. pandafur says:

    This sownds pawsome and fun! Grate article, thanks you!

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