Movin’ n Shakin’

Lots happening in da anipal community. Following covers events and announcements.

Wedding Date Set! Nancy (@NancyCakeFace) and Bode (@4catsstrapski) announced a December 1st wedding in da Sahara Desert. The couple have chosen a Moroccan theme. Use hashtag #BodeNancyWed.

Jesters Comedy Club Opening: @Eddiebabycat is gearing up for the September 22 opening of Jesters. @DaveGregoryJ is da special comedian guest. Be sure to use hashtag #Jesters and tweet Eddie if you need a club membership number.

World Anipal Political Convention: It’s a big election year in the United States for da hoomans. But, where is the anipal representation in da election? Anipals around da world will speak out and take a stand on October 6 and 7. Interested in speaking? Tweet @JeremyforPrez.

NIPCLUB: Every Thursday night da pawty is on for a good cause. September charity is Safe  Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic.


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