What’s Your Litter Choice?

swheatscoopLitter schmitter. It’s an impawtent part of our kittehs’ lives. So, we insist dat we have the best. For about four years now we’ve been using wheat litter. Our mum agrees dat wheat is better than clay. Wheat does not cloud up and cause us or mum to cough or sneeze. And odor control is better wif wheat. We use SwheatScoop and sometimes ExquisiCat, the PetSmart brand.

What’s your preference? Take our poll and tell us.


2 Responses to What’s Your Litter Choice?

  1. We were usin’ clay but just recently switched to corn. We like it WAY better but corn wasn’t an option so I couldn’t vote for it. That’s why I’m mentionin’ it, here.


  2. We use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. It’s clumping clay litter, but it’s really dust-free and doesn’t cause a cloud. We tried the wheat litter, but didn’t like it much.

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