September 8: National Pet Memorial Day

candleEfurry month we seem to say farewell to an anipal somewheres on dis earth. Is awfully sad n heart wrenching. Da anipal community always comes together through Pink Angels and other worthy groups to escort our dear furiends OTRB with dignity, support and luv.

With National Pet Memorial Day being September 8, we want to pay another tribute to all da anipals who have gone OTRB in recent years. Dere be so many pawsome pals who have gone to da Rainbow in da sky. On September 8, take a few minutes to fink of those special pals and dere hooman families who loved dem so muches.

We miss you all, dear furiends who has gone OTRB. Luv n hugs.



2 Responses to September 8: National Pet Memorial Day

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this special day.

  2. This information is invaluable. When can I
    find out more?

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