About Us

The Mooshies

The Mooshies

We’re two sisfur kittehs living in the Washington, DC area, editors, feline journalists and publishers of The Mooshie Chronicles. We were born on April 7, 2004. Our mommy adopted us from Alley Cat Allies. We live in a very cool neighborhood and love to look out the window to catch the latest action. We enjoy going outside, watching birds, napping, playing with toys, and getting massages.  And, we have fun socializing with all our anipals on Twitter. Be sure to follow us, @themooshies and look for us on Instragram.




5 Responses to About Us

  1. Juanita says:

    Hi – your cats go outdoors?! That is really cool! Do you worry that they will run away? Then again, why would they run away when they get to eat turkey and other human foods?

    The Mooshies are very cute. And appear to be very well groomed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Whitey & Marcella says:

      We Mooshies are always wearing a harness and leash so we cannot run off. Our mommy does not want us to attack birds and squirrels. That’s what we would do if we didn’t have to wear the harness and leash.

  2. Karen Williamson says:

    Hey there, Mooshies! I’m jealous…you lead the kind of life I dream of!

  3. Jeanette Johnson says:

    Mooshies… You ladies rock! I think you all have a pretty cool mommy…she makes sure you all have treats that are fabulous, the opportunity walk and be free (okay some what free) and you have the opportunity to view TV shows that are cool and interesting. I think you all have the perfect life… do you have room for a big human sister (smile) I’m willing to be drugged up to play. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. MEOWhearthis says:

    I must know the meaning behind “The Mooshies.” I have a Moosh Moosh and a Taco and “Mooshie” is frequently (amongst many many others) used as a nickname.

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