Keeping Cats Cool in the Summertime

June 29, 2012

NOTE: Originally published on July 13, 2009. Iz so hot today, we fink we better repost.
Keep cool anipals!

Luv – The Mooshies


Hey there, world, it’s starting to feel like summer. The first few weeks were unusually cooler compared to previous summers in the D.C. area. Now, the weather is getting steamy.  And cats tend to feel the heat and humidity very quickly since we’re hairy creatures. We’ve noticed from our window that there a quite a few hairy humans too. So, hairy people should probably pay close attention to this blog.

A Mooshie Summer Night

A Mooshie Summer Night

As nice as ceiling fans are, some days, we really need the air conditioner. So if you know it’s going to be a scorching, hot day, be sure to turn on the AC before leaving home for the day. It’s important that cats’ body temperatures remain normal; otherwise, we could be at risk for a stroke. And, make sure your kitties stay in shaded areas, especially if they are white haired cats like me, Whitey Mooshie.  I have very sensitive skin. I turn all pink and red if I am exposed to too much sunlight. That’s why my mommy will only take me outside either in the early morning or evening.

We’ve noticed that hairy humans get big, wet spots on their clothes when exposed to heat and humidity. And, they drip. The water coming out of their body is kind of stinky. It’s called “sweat.” Yuck. As cats, we’re really into personal cleanliness. We are not particularly fond of human sweat.

So, back to us. Leave plenty of water for your cats. It’s a good idea to serve them cool water. And, we like it when people run the bathtub or sink faucet for us. It’s fun to splash in the water. Plus we look so cute when we’re playing with water. We know how much pleasure it brings to our human parents to see us being adorable.

There are a number of helpful web resources offering tips on cats and hot weather. We think the humans should follow some of the tips to avoid those wet stains on their clothes. We like Felinexpress and The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  Your veterinarian is a good source too.

Have a cool summer!

Kitteh Pals, R U Sufferin from Allergies?

April 8, 2012

Feelin a bit itchy in da nose? Kitteh throat scratchy? Iz your skin pink? Maybe yoo haz allergies to pollen, grass and flowers. Iz true dat cats can have allergies like hoomins do in springtime. So, iz important that your hoomin staff take care of you. Here are some good resources on cats and all sorts of allergies.

ASPCA has a full page on cats and allergies.

Cat World blog offers lots of information including cat allergies to insects. provides a purrty good breakdown of different types of allergies.

Mother Nature Network (MNN) has tips for da hoomins to help their kittehs.

Wishin’ all our feline pals a healthy n happy spring!

Have You Massaged Your Cat Today?

June 12, 2011

Marcella Mooshie receiving a neck rub while relaxing in mum's lap.

We’re having a very lazy Sunday, spending quality time with our hoomin mum, getting nice back and neck rubs when we thought “hey, we need to write another blog post, why not write one on massage for cats”! So, here we are, anipals, touting the benefits of massaging your cats.

Massage is very good for our circulation. It helps the blood flow nicely through our feline bodies and eliminates toxins. Massage is also a very good way for hoomins and cats to bond. We love it when our mummy rubs our backs, does little circles on our heads and behind our ears and neck. It feels sooooo good. And, we notice mummy feels more relaxed and she’s so happy when massaging us.  It’s like we’re giving her a gift by letting her rub us. Hehehe.

Sometimes massage can be medically beneficial too. Hoomins get to know their cat’s body and can easily detect if something is wrong while massaging. For example, they may feel a little lump or scar which could be a sign of a health problem. 

 So, massage is good for us kitties and for the hoomins.  Lots of stuff has been written about massage for cats and other animals. Here are some links on cat massage articles and websites.

Whitey Mooshie illustrating relaxed, hazy eyed look following a massage.

Benefits of Cat Massage by Maryjean Ballner, for

All About Animal Massage

National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and  Massage

International Association of Animal Massage and Body Work

Healing Oasis Wellness Center

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