Anipals Around World Gather & Speak Out

October 6, 2012

World Anipal Political Convention (#WAPC)

Animals around da world spoke out on October 6, expressing their views on issues impawtent to all animals. Here’s what anipals said.

U.S. VP Catidate Snickers

@Jack4Presidente speaking at WAPC, “I finks anipals should be treated with highest dignity! Food and loving homes for all. Humans there to pamper us, give us snacks and treats.”

Jack is running on the Paw ticket. If you missed his speech, it’s available on YouTube.

From @RumpyDog in Tennessee, “DeDe here. Why don’t they have Medicare for us older dogs?”

U.S. Vice President Catidate Snickers, running mate to @JeremyforPrez speaking at WAPC today, “Anipals need affordable healthcare,discounts for multiple pets,better insurance without preexisting condition restriction. Stop wars and use funds for more NoKill shelters. Would make jobs for humans also. Definitely tax breaks to help anipals find forever homes.”


“Everyone who wants a pet should be checked out first to make sure they are fit to do so!” from @The_Tardis_Toms of Somerset, England.

“If one harms an animal they should be punished & never allowed to become a guardian again'” says D Cunningham (@Skye613) from Florida.

@TonyTiger2000 tells WAPC attendees that his legal team @ADLF is petitioning for him to be released to a reputable sanctuar. Read more.

For anipals not able to attend WAPC, you can still submit opinions to @TheMooshies for posting to da bloggie. 

Helping Animals Spotlight: NIPCLUB

September 9, 2012

Dis September we are highlighting da wonderful Nipclub for all da joy n help it brings to animals. Nipclub,  Twitter club for anipals,  raises awareness and funds for local animal rescue and charitable organizations. Founded  by @FlaCatLady and @Maggietcat, Nipclub has evolved over the past few years, reaching a bigger audience of anipals around da world.

This month, Nipclub is helping to raise funds for Safe Haven Cat Shelter & Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina. Founded in 1994, Safe Haven is a no-kill animal shelter helping to neuter n spay 12,000 kittehs and placing more than 5,000 cats in furever homes.

So far, five hundred dollars have been raised for Safe Haven. Da goal is to raise one thousand dollars by October 6. Visit da Nipclub website to learn more.

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