Birthday Party at Downton Abbey

January 30, 2014

Downton Club – February 2 at 8pm ET

Dis week we celebrating Lord Grantham’s Birfday. While da Crawley family throws a swanky pawty for Lord G, DA Club will be sipping champagne n nomming cake in his honor.

Will Lord G get wiser wif age? Will Lord Gillingham show up for da Birfday pawty? Will we ever see Edith’s boyfriend again? Join us for cake n nip champagne on Sunday, February 2 at 8pm ET. Here’s da menu — lots of different cakes.








Yoo Ain’t Hip Unless Yoo at Nip

June 4, 2012

Photo credit: Nip Club Blog,

Iz summertime n Nip Club already swingin wif fun new theme pawties. June iz birfday n Gotcha days month. Send in your birfday to¬†Nip Club bloggie. What would Nip Club be wifout iz fabulous DJs n barktenders. And, of course the genius ones who created Nip Club, @maggietkat and @FlaCatlady and all da anipals who help ’em.

Nip Club does some important work by raising funds for good anipal charities. Tips to DJs n barktenders go to these wonderpurr organizations helping critters. And, iz a great place to meet up wif pals n make new furriends.

Remember efurry Fursday night iz Nip Club. You ain’t hip unless you at Nip.

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