Jeremy for Prez Opens World Anipal Political Convention

October 5, 2012

Jeremy for Prez, WAPC host and featured speaker

“Welcome to our first World Anipal Political Convention, where anipals have a venue in which to voice their issues, concerns and values. We come together not as dog and cat, hamster and parrot. But as brothers and sisters in the fight for better treatment for animals the world OVER!”

“Please take this opportunity to use your meows, bleats and barks to send a message to hoomans that we will not be treated poorly and with violence, without our basic civil rights, any longer!”

Welcoming remarks from @JeremyforPrez, host of World Anipal Poltical Convention, October 6, 2012Β (WAPC). Tweet your opinion. Use hashtag #wapc. See animalΒ issues list.Β 

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