NipClub Goes Groovy

August 11, 2013
Archer in his new avi, post jail.

Archer in his new avi, post jail.

Psychedelic was all the rage dis weekend as NipClub went retro back to the 1960s. Anipals looked swanky n groovy in mod n hippie styles. Pals played Twister and quizzes, danced to the greatest hits from da 60s and drank Shirley Temples.

There was a bit of scandal as a certain kitteh (@ArcherPaws) streaked thru NipClub in da buff. It was quite shocking, especially to all da ladies. Sekurity (@BanditThePap) was all over him immediately and threw him in da slammer. Lucky for Archer his pals Marbo n Kif (@livvyoldcat) came thru wif a new avi.

In da end, a gweat time was had by all.

SciFiPawty 2012: May Da Pawz Force Be Wif Yoo

March 23, 2012

Whitey Mooshie as Yoda

We’re super excited to be attending our first SciFiPawty dis weekend on Caturday, March 24. Da party starts at 11am EST and goes til 11pm EST.  Appause go to @BorisKitty and @Georgetheduck for all dere work organizing da pawty. And @whskr all da way over in New Zealand haz been busy makin pawsome costumes for so many.  So many anipals helpin out wif dis pawty, we don’ts know all dere names. But we fank yoo all in advance for ur contributions to da festivities.

We’ve been tryin on costumes ourselves and decided to go wif a Star Wars theme. We luv watchin all da Star Wars movies wif mum. Dat why we gonna be Luke Skywalker and Yoda. Many fank yoos to @pepperpom who suggested we use GIMP or Faceinhole for our avi.

Marcella Mooshie as Luke Skywalker

Remember to use hashtag #SciFiPawty. More details available at @BorisKitty website, Pawty-on to all our anipals. See yoo dis weekend. And may da pawz force be wif yoo.




It’s A GroovePawty! Support a Pawsome Kitteh, Chris Groove, & His Mum

October 14, 2011



“Blind cats are cats of courage,” says @WHSKR, a friend of kitteh ChrisGroove, born blind and living a productive life in Texas. @WHSKR is organizing a special event to honor her friend Chris (known as @ChrisGroove1 in Twitterland) and his mum, Roxann.

“Chris is always supportive of cats in need, his mum has had a rough time but remains a loving & modest person,” says @WHSKR. “Chris inspires love in all of us, and we want to help. We want his mum to know she is loved as well and that we want her to be well in these tough times.”

@WHSKR is organizing a catastic pawty with prizes, dancing and yom-yoms to raise funds to help support ChrisGroove and Roxann.  The lovely Shayna (@ShaynaCat) will be da featured DJ and @TheWonderCats will be barktending. Prizes include Fridge magnets, Nip&Bones vouchers, and much more.

Chris Groove and his mum are inspiring. Have a heart, give a paw. Come on out, dis Saturday October 15, show your love and support a special kitteh and his mum. For more information on da pawty and who’s coming, check out the TwitVite. And be sure to use hashtag #GroovePawty.


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