Mooshie Entertaining

Marcella Mooshie hanging with her cousin Katrina.

This weekend, we’re entertaining guests – our cousin Katrina and our human grandmother. We’re very busy supervising the human and making sure she shows our guests a good time AND does not neglect us. An added bonus for us is that our guests love kitties and enjoy showering us with attention. We particularly like all the extra hair combing and brushing from our cousin. However, we’re not too happy when they go out all day for fun and leave us home alone. Anyway, we know what you’re all hoping for….TIPS. So, here are some Mooshie tips for entertaining weekend guests.

  • Relax. So what if you’re home is not in perfect order. Your guests are lucky to have a free place to stay. Don’t feel compelled to go on a cleaning frenzy before they arrive. Hire a cleaning service to help you.
  • Take time for yourself. No need to turn your weekend schedule upside down for these people. Be sure to maintain a few of your usual weekend activities that help keep you balanced. For example, our  mommy maintains her exercise schedule.
  • Spend quality time with your cats. Hosting guests does not give you an excuse to ignore your feline and canine children.

If you have a small home, we recommend you set limits on the number of overnight guests. And whether you have a large house or a small apartment, only allow the people you really like to stay in your home. Remember it’s YOUR home and you get to choose who comes to dinner or stays over.  There are some good resources on home entertaining. For the small apartment, checkout for advice. DivineCaroline has survival tips for the host. And for the food lover, visit Epicurious for home cooking and dining ideas.

Happy entertaining!


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