Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

We are so honored and humbled to receive the Sunshine Award from pal Herman (@tattlecat). Fank yoo furriend for this loverly recognition. We send yoo warm pawhugs.

Check out Herman’s blog It’s a Wonderpurr Life. It has pawsome meowusings, picfurs and so much more.

As is customary, we are answering the seven questions dat go wif this award.

Our favorite number is TWO ….because there are two of us sisfurs.

Our favorite non-alcoholic drink is water, just like Herman. We no like the taste of milk. We luv our water. And, we like fresh water in da morning n evening. And, we like to splash in it sometimes….well, Marcella Mooshie likes to splash.

Do we prefer Facebook or Twitter? Paws down, it’s Twitter. We have a FB page but no use it too much. Mum says iz lots of work to do Twitter, blog n FB and earn a living to keep us in a luxurious lifestyle.

Our passion is gazing out da window. We live in an interesting neighborhood full of people running, walking, driving, being outside wif dere anipals. There are lots of trees, grass n flowers. And dere are restaurants n stores too. So, we gets to see lots of action depending upon which room we gazing from.

Favorite pattern. Marcella Mooshie enjoying a sun puddle.

Our favorite pattern is red flowers on da living room chairs. Gets good sun puddles.

Our favorite day of da week iz Saturday n Sunday cuz mum not working n spends more time wif us.

Our favorite flowers are…dis a tough one. We like so many different flowers. But, honestly, we haz to say our favorite are da ones in our Mum’s paintings. So purrty.

Now iz time to present Sunshine Award to 10 other bloggers. (Drum roll please…) And, the Sunshine Award goes to….

The Little Theatre of Alexandria which has so many pet loving volunteers n puts on pawtastic plays.

Romeo the Cat blog which has raised oodles of money for pet rescue n help.

Of course the fabulous Blogpaws who are gettin ready for BlogPaws 2012 in Utah.

Pet Law Blog, which is for hoomins whose lives revolve around faitful anipal companions. Dis is a nice lawyer writing about important fings about all da pets.

We like Marc the Vet in Brighton, England. He is very knowledgeable vet n kind to all anipals. Not bad lookin for a hoomin.

Nip Club has all da latest on nip club pawties n otter social fings.

Jeremy For Prez because iz very important part of his U.S.A. presidential campaign.

Your Cat which is a bloggie in U.K. Iz part of great British cat magazine Your Cat.

Smokey the Purring Cat. She iz super famous n we luv to watch her exciting life doing da book tour.

And, how can we not luv Shayna Cat’s Blog. She is super anipal socialite, mover n shaker and a pawtastic pal to all anipals on Twitter.

Winners of Sunshine Award please reciprocate by acknowledging us @TheMooshies when you display your award on your blog, and then please pass on the award to your ten favorite bloggers. And remember to answer the questions.


One Response to Sunshine Award

  1. shaynacat says:

    Very thrilled indeed with my Sunshine Award – thank you so much!

    I’l be very happy to acknowledge @TheMooshies and The Mooshie Chronicles on the blog, and to choose my 10 favorite blogs to share the Sunshine with – I’m really going to enjoy that!

    Now, to get started answering the questions…

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