Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s been over two months since our last blog posting. We were so swept up by our blog award back in early January. It was an honor. But, then suddenly, we hit a wall. Our creative juices froze up. We had….WRITER’S BLOCK. It was awful. It was just like those actors who win an Academy Award and never make a movie again. How could this happen to us? We did a Google search on writer’s block hoping to find help. But, we were overwhelmed by all the resources. So, we did what we usually do….sleep. And, then we slept again. We snoozed through the cold and the snow. We were caught in a winter funk until last week when the weather changed. It was warmer. All the snow melted. And, we got to go outside for the first time in months. It was splendid. For two days we ran and jumped and rolled in the grass. It was pure bliss. And, then today, our little paws reached for the keyboard. Somehow all the nice, spring-like weather rejuvenated us. And now, all the creative juices are flowing through our little bodies. We have lots of new ideas for blog topics. The Mooshies are back. But first, it’s time for a nap.


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