Hurricane Irene: Staying Safe & Secure

It’s been a stressful week for the anipals along the East Coast of the United States. First the earthquake shook us, and now Hurricane Irene is whipping through. Already, we’ve been spooked by the loud alert announcements on the TV. What is that annoying noise? Can’t the hoomins come up with a better alert sound?

Fortunately, we’re resilient kittehs and know how to handle storms. We helped our mum prepare by giving her a shopping list of important items – our favorite being the fresh deli turkey. We convinced her to buy extra so we can eat some too. MOL.

Right now, we observing the storm from our condo window as it creeps into Northern Virginia. We’re also watching all the silly hoomin weather people. They’re so excited and speaking in very loud, dramatic voices.

If your hoomin family does not know how to prepare for anipal care during and after the storms, the American Red Cross and Humane Society have very good information.

And please tweet us (@TheMooshies) about your hurricane experiences and we’ll share them on our bloggie. Remember to use hashtag #Irene when tweeting about da hurricane.

Stay safe our furiends. Loves n hugs.

Marcella & Whitey Mooshie



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